Blog September 15, 2021

Everyone has their own definition of what being “happy” means to them. To some people, it means enjoying what you do for a living. 

For others, it means having an amazing family and home life. Many people derive happiness from inanimate things like money, cars, and other possessions.

Whatever makes you happy in your life is ultimately what really matters. The definition of happiness is very broad, but there are some habits that many of the happiest people in the world share. Here are three of those habits:

#1: Make an effort to be happy.

Happiness is a choice for most people and the folks who tend to be the happiest are the ones who go out every day and try to achieve it. Let’s say that gardening really makes you happy. You love being outdoors, taking care of things and taking pride in growing a beautiful garden. 

You can decide to be in your garden every morning. You can decide to read about new planting techniques and the latest in fertilizers. You can decide to try growing a new vegetable, based on what you read on Instagram. 

Either way, you are deciding to do the things that make you happy. All you must do is make the decision to do the things that make you happy and believe me, you’ll be happier!

#2: Do good things for others.

Doing good deeds, in general, will give 99% of people a warm and fuzzy feeling. Both the giver and the receiver benefit and it just makes everyone’s day a little bit better. 

If you’re having some struggles getting or staying motivated in business, take a break, think about someone who could use your help with something and go do it. 

It could be someone for whom you’d like to make a business introduction, it could be a charity that you haven’t donated to in a while, it could even be one of your neighbors who needs some work done around the house and may be unable to physically do it themselves. 

Whatever the reason, use that good deed to take your mind off what’s bugging you and you’ll probably realize that it’s just not that big a deal! 

#3: Hang around and associate with the right people.

I remember as a kid, my mom telling me that if I kept hanging around “those punks” I was going to end up like them. Looking back on that now, she was totally right.

I wasn’t hanging around the best kids when I was younger. They were troublemakers, thieves, bullies, and going nowhere in life. When I went to high school, I decided to take Mom’s advice and start hanging around nicer, smarter, more respectful, and more future-driven kids than I used to. It worked out tremendously well for me and I’m still close to all of them to this day. 

One of my favorite thought leaders, the great Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the top five people you spend the most time with.” He couldn’t be more right, and his advice is still relevant today.