Blog March 17, 2023

Sales technology is an essential tool for businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. In this article, we explore the importance of sales technology through the lens of the sales funnel, focusing on the five stages of the funnel, which include Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Purchase, and Post-Purchase. At each stage, there are specific technologies and approaches that salespeople can use to maximize their success.

Sales engagement platforms like Outreach, SalesLoft, and Apollo are effective in scaling outbound efforts during the Awareness stage. During the Interest stage, sales enablement platforms like Seismic and Mediafly, competitive intelligence platforms like Klue, and demo-in-a-box solutions like Reprise or Walnut can be used to provide valuable content and differentiate your solutions in the marketplace. Tools like DealDoc and Mutual Action Plan tools help salespeople project-manage the deal during the Consideration stage. During the Purchase stage, contracting tools like DocuSign and pipeline management software can be used to make the purchasing process frictionless. In the Post-Purchase stage, tools like Gainsight or Catalyst can be used to provide support, resources, and training to help customers get the most out of their purchases.

Ultimately, sales technology can make a significant impact on business success. Although more technology is not always the answer, leveraging the right tools and approaches at each stage of the sales funnel can improve sales outcomes and increase customer lifetime value. By using a combination of technology, people, and processes, businesses can achieve their revenue goals and drive growth in 2023 and beyond.

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