Blog September 11, 2023

A great coach isn’t just an instructor; they are your mentor, your motivator, your guide to tapping into latent potential. They challenge and uplift, cultivating the best within us.

In the dynamic realm of sales, where every pitch and strategy counts, the value of an adept coach is immeasurable.

Recognizing the profound impact of guidance in this field, we, at Sales Collective, embarked on a mission. We searched corners and crevices, analyzing insights and strategies, to bring together the crème de la crème of sales coaching.

For the very first time, we present to you our curated list of the world’s top 100 sales coaches.


Unveiling The Pioneers of Sales Excellence

Eager to transcend your sales limits? Desiring to redefine your sales acumen?

Look no further. These eminent sales coaches are the luminaries lighting the path.

Engage with their insights on LinkedIn, immerse in their published wisdom, or perhaps, take a bold step and seek their direct counsel.

The dividends? Not just in your bank account, but in the enriched sales professional you’ll evolve into.

So, let the drumroll begin as we introduce you to the elite 100 sales maestros.


Will Aitken

Sales Content and Memes at Lavender

Poster of iconic memes and explorer of the deep recesses of a sales professional’s mind.


Will Allred

Co-Founder at Lavender

The Co-Founder and CEO of Lavender is teaching the sales world how to write better cold emails one step at a time.

Max Altschuler

General Partner at GTMFund

The original Sales Hacker is always attuned to the latest and greatest sales tools and techniques.

Kyle Asay

VP at MongoDB

An up-and-comer making the world safe for introverts in sales.

Mor Assouline

Founder at FDTC SaaS Sales Consulting & Training

A must follow for SaaS sales leaders and AEs looking to up their game.

Lauren Bailey

Founder and President at Factor 8

The Queen of the Cold Call is a visionary sales leader with decades of insight and experience.

Jeff Bajorek

Sales Trainer, Advisor at Parabola Consulting

An excellent sales consultant who tailors his practice to each individual.

Scott Barker

Partner at GTMfund

The Outreach and Sales Hacker veteran is one of the best sales minds on the planet.

John Barrows

CEO at JBarrows Sales Training

One of the world’s best sales coaches and trusted voices on all things sales.

Ralph Barsi

VP, Global Inside Sales at

Ralph has been leading sales teams to greatness for decades, a must-follow.

Jason Bay

CEO at Outbound Squad

A master of all things outbound, JBay is a worthy follow for your sales org.

Lee Bartlett

Managing Partner at Bartlett, Schenk and Co.

One of the great sales storytellers of our time (and a class guy to boot).

Trish Bertuzzi

Founder and CEO at The Bridge Group

A bona fide legend in the B2B sales space.

Belal Betrawy

CEO at Death to Fluff

Kill the fluff and follow Belal, one of the most popular sales leaders in the game right now.

Rex Biberston

Founder and CEO at No Fluff Selling

Rex burst onto the scene years ago with his own brand of real-talk sales coaching and the sales world has been the better for it ever since.

Gabrielle Blackwell

Sales Development Manager at CultureAmp

Gabrielle is a fresh face in the world of sales development.

Jeb Blount

CEO at Sales Gravy

The South’s best sales coach is here to help you bring home the bacon.

Tito Bohrt

CEO at AltiSales

The Mad Scientist of sales is leading the vanguard of outbound sales.

Josh Braun

CEO at Braun Training

Ran the best sales organizations in Chicago (Jellyvision, Basecamp, CompassLearning, among others). A midwest visionary.

Cory Bray

Co-Founder at CoachCRM

The hilarious voice of reason on LinkedIn.

Sarah Brazier

Account Executive at Gong

Phenomenal boots on the ground insights from a top AE at one of THE top sales organizations.

Collin Cadmus

Consultant at

The veteran sales leader of SinglePlatform, Aircall, CVS and has seen it all.

Marcus Cauchi

CEO at Success With Integrity

The brawny, bruising Sandler legend now runs his own shop where he can teach you the ins and outs of sales done right.

Nick Cegelski

Founder at 30 Minutes to President’s Club

Shouts out to Nick for creating 30 Minutes to President’s Club, the best sales podcast on the planet right now, hands down.

Marcus Chan

President at Venli Consulting Group

The 3X Salesforce Top Sales Influencer is your go-to guy for making President’s Club.

Krysten Conner

Sales Strategist at UserGems

In the trenches insights from a top quota carrier at a bleeding-edge sales software company.

Gaetano Dinardi

Growth Advisor

Gaetano has the best B.S. meter in sales.

Daniel Disney

Founder, Owner and CEO at The Daily Sales

The King of Social Selling is at your service.

Jeremey Donovan

EVP Rev Ops and Strategy at Insight Partners

We love a great sales ops mind and Jeremy Donovan is one of the brilliant ones on the planet.

Kevin Dorsey

Practice Lead at Winning by Design

Everyone loves KD and we are no exception.

Dale Dupree

Founder and CSO at The Sales Rebellion

The knowledgeable Knoxville sales guru is here to help you rebel against mediocrity.

Armand Farrokh

Founder at 30 Minutes to President’s Club

The brains behind the #1 sales podcast on the planet is a worthy addition to our list.

Brandon Fluharty

CEO at

A seasoned SaaS seller with years of experience to lean on.

Kevin Gaither

Founder and CRO at Inside Sales Expert

A renowned sales professional with deep insights on how to sell to the C-Suite.

Dan Goodman

Sales Leader at AWS

Straight Outta Phoenix, an expert on selling into government organizations.

Ray J. Green

Founder at Repeatable Revenue

A decade of sales experience with ZERO missed quotas.

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Founder and CEO at Selling Power

The founder of Selling Power magazine remains one of the most important voices in sales.

Jen Halpern

CEO at Soft Sell Coaching

You can’t hack 25 years of B2B sales experience at leading sales organizations.

Richard Harris

CEO at The Harris Consulting Group

A man who needs no introduction and one of the sharpest sales consultants in the world.

Mike Hirschfield

CEO at Assured Influence

An authority for sales leaders the world over.

Becc Holland

CEO and Founder at Flip the Script

When it comes to building the best messaging for your sales team, Becc is your best option.

Tony Hughes

Co-Founder and CEO at Sales IQ

A titan of the sales profession and one of the biggest names in sales coaching over the last 2 decades.

Anthony Iannarino

CEO at Iannarino

Raw, real, and passionate – one of the great, time-tested sales coaches.

Morgan Ingram

Co-Founder at Sales for the Culture

One of the most creative and exciting young voices in sales.

Sam Jacobs

Founder at Pavilion

When it comes to world-class revenue leadership, Sam has some of the best experience and talent in the industry.

Adam Jay

CEO at Adam Jay Consulting

The 7X VP Sales and Chief Revenue Officer is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sales leadership.


CEO and President of A Sales Growth Company

The Man in Red Plaid has the insights your sales team needs.

Donald Kelly

Founder and The Chief Sales Evangelist at The Sales Evangelist

The LinkedIn Top Sales Voice is an Encyclopedia of successful sales tactics.

Kraig Kleeman

Founder, Executive Producer at Rock the C-Suite

The world’s greatest cold caller is also one of the most original and inventive minds in sales.

Jen Allen Knuth

Community Growth at Lavender

Demand Jen is one of the funniest, most well-connected people in sales right now.

Ian Koniak

Founder and CEO at Untap Your Sales Potential

The #1 Enterprise Account Executive at Salesforce. Say less.

Jill Konrath

CEO at

Jill has inspired thousands of sales professionals over the last few decades and is still worthy of reverence.

Mark Kosoglow

CRO at Catalyst Software

The genius behind Outreach’s stratospheric rise is full of hard-won lessons.

Chris Krause

Sales Coach at Chris Kruse Sales Consulting

A heat-seeking missile of sales fundamentals, coached by some of the best sales minds on the planet.

Scott Leese

Co-Founder and CEO at Scott Leese Consulting

Surf’s up (and so is revenue) when Scott Leese is around.

Shari Levitin

CEO at The Shari Levitin Group

Hilarious and heartfelt, one of the most passionate sales coaches in the world.

Larry Levine

CEO at Selling from the Heart

Your Favorite Sales Coach’s Favorite Sales Coach, beloved by Keenan and others.

Larry Long, Jr.

CEO at LLJR Enterprises

A powder keg of motivational energy for your sales force.

Jed Mahrle

Director of Sales at Mailshake

Leading sales at one of the hottest sales technology startups on the planet.

Sahil Mansuri

CEO at Bravado

The founder of the world’s largest sales network knows a thing or two about what makes a great sales professional.

Darren McKee

VP of Sales at Skye

Witty, wise and gritty, follow Darren for sales leadership skills and wisdom especially pertinent to SaaS sellers.

Samantha McKenna

Founder at #samsales

A swiss army knife of sales knowledge and setter of 7 sales records.

Mark McWatters

VP Sales at Ambition

The Ted Lasso of sales with a heart of gold and an incredible mustache to boot.

Dionne Mejer

President at Inside Sales by Design

One of the shining stars of inside sales and a true O.G. of B2B sales.

Justin Michael

Executive Coach & Partner at Nimchinski/Michael

A savant and the Co-Founder of HYPCCCYCL, a community of the top challenger sales minds in the world.

Christine Miller

Owner at Miller Consulting

An authoritative voice on all things SMB, Mid-Market, and Emerging Sales Management.

Salmon Mohiuddin

Founder at Salmon Sales Academy

17 years carrying quota for Salesforce, Asana, and IBM counts for a lot.

Wayne Morris

Founder at Wayne Morris Consulting

Wayne has seen it all in his two-plus decades of selling. An O.G. coach to learn on for advice.

Alexine Mudawar

CEO at Women in Sales

The LinkedIn Top Sales Voice is elevating women in sales through her company and a powerful online presence.

Sam Nelson

Founder at

The blue-haired badass behind Outreach’s legendary sales development program.

Ryan O’Hara

CEO at Pitchfire

A hilarious breath of fresh air in the staid world of sales.

Chris Orlob

Co-Founder and CEO at

If you sell SaaS and you’re not following Chris, do yourself a favor and change that right now.

Andy Paul

Host at The Win Rate Podcast

Andy Paul has a rolodex and a front row seat to the top sales pros in the world.

Bob Perkins

Founder at AA-ISP

Founded the most powerful B2B sales community in the world. You could say Bob belongs on this list.

Ross Pomerantz

“i’M a iNfLueNcEr” at Corporate Bro

The funniest voice in sales and a must-follow.

Kyle Porter

Founder and Board Chair at SalesLoft

Ushered in a brave new world of selling a decade ago when he founded SalesLoft and still a treasure trove of knowledge on all things sales.

David Priemer

Founder and Chief Sales Scientist at Cerebral Selling

The Salesforce veteran is one of the smartest minds in B2B sales.

Devin Reed

Head of Content at Clari

Has helped build two world class sales technology companies and is ready to help you enhance your sales acumen.

Jamal Reimer

Founder at Enterprise Sellers

A professional whale hunter who helps other enterprise sellers close the 7 and 8 figure deals that will change their lives.

Steve Richard

SVP, Revenue Enablement at MediaFly

Has spent decades helping countless sales organizations improve their sales acumen with companies like ExecVision and Vorsight.

Lori Richardson

Founder at Score More Sales

The longtime B2B sales aficionado has been empowering men and women to sell better for 30 years.

Mark Roberge

Co-Founder of Stage 2 Capital

The original Hubspot Chief Revenue Officer, Sales Acceleration Formula author, and HBS professor is a master of all things startup sales.

Jared Robin

Co-Founder at RevGenius

Helping SaaS sales reps perfect their craft one meetup at a time.

Aaron Ross

Founder at Predictable Revenue

The original Salesforce VP and Predictable Revenue founder who completely reshaped the future of sales for the better.

Jill Rowley

GTM Advisor and LP at Stage 2 Capital

One of the OGs of SaaS sales, Jill is a staunch advocate for tech AEs and women in sales.

Ryan Scalera

Founder at Arkenstone GTM

Whether he’s offering discovery question asking advice over the grill or getting shut down by Gary Busey on a cold call, Ryan is always entertaining and full of insight. A must-follow sales coach.

Tamara Schenk

Partner at Bartlett, Schenk and Co.

A sales enablement guru and master of all things ops.

Jon Selig

Chief of Stuff at Comedy Writing for Revenue Teams

Hilarious. Heavily experienced. Highly skilled. Let Jon help you create sales scripts that entertain and convert.

Mike Simmons

Chief of Stuff at Comedy Writing for Revenue Teams

A process expert who loves creating frameworks and heuristics to build your sales structure around.

Amelia Taylor

Evangelism and GTM Strategy at

Lives on the cutting edge of the social selling scene – a great follow for those looking to learn more.

Florin Totulea

Director of Sales at Barley

High energy, in-the-trenches sales leader with a gift for motivating and inspiring reps. A tone setter.

Marylou Tyler

CEO at Strategic Pipeline

The Predictable Revenue co-author is a voice of authority on building a repeatable, scalable sales process.


Jacco Van Der Kooj

President at Winning by Design

The mastermind behind the B2B sales pod structure that countless SaaS companies have used to achieve escape velocity.

Alina Vandenberghe

Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Chili Piper

Making B2B sales pros lives like 5000X easier with her software and a tremendous wealth of sales knowledge to boot.

Amy Volas

Founder and CEO at Avenue Talent Partners

Recruits the most badass sales veterans in the world and knows a thing or two about sales herself.

Chris Walker

CEO at Refine Labs

The voice of reason when it comes to sales-marketing alignment.

Mike Weinberg

CEO at The New Business Sales Coach

Mike is an authority on all things B2B sales and B2B sales management.

David Weiss

CRO at Sales Collective

Building the best collection of sales coaches on the planet.

J. Ryan Williams

Executive Coach and Startup Sales Advisor at

A startup sales wizard who has helped countless companies find their secret sauce.

Dailius Wilson

Founder at Sales Isn’t Sh*t

The Aussie sales badass is one of the premiere sales voices.


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