You’d probably agree that we all want to be more successful in our roles as sales professionals and sales leaders. The challenge is that most of us don’t exactly know how to get there. I’m sure you’ve been through all the gurus online courses, overpriced masterminds, stadium events full of upsells, and magic selling systems built fifty years ago. Guess what, they don’t work. More importantly, selling has been easy the past few years. When things are going great, most salespeople can sit back, relax, and take orders. Well, things have changed. And if you’re in sales and you’re not ready for the next few lean years, you’re in trouble. Without knowing you or your sales team’s capabilities when it comes to selling, what exactly would you expect us to train them on and how would we ever attempt to think we could make a difference without knowing this immensely important information?

Determining the capabilities of your sales team is job number one and there are two critical elements of discovering your sales team’s capabilities to determine how to lead them to become top performers.

The Sales DNA Test

It all starts with The Sales DNA Test. What if there was a way to find out why your salespeople are underperforming? What if you could discover why your sales managers aren’t leading effectively?
What if you knew exactly how your salespeople are motivated and why?

Guess what? There’s a way…

It’s called The Sales DNA Test.

We use a sales-specific assessment (yes, they do exist) that’s been administered to more than two million salespeople in more than 35,000 companies over the past 30+ years that will uncover the exact symptoms causing your sales team’s poor sales results.

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Sales Team Evaluation

Not only do we evaluate your salespeople’s abilities, competencies, and skill sets utilizing our Sales DNA Test, we’ll help you optimize your sales process, management strategies, systems, culture, and new salesperson onboarding & ramp-up time. More importantly, without having the proper systems in place, your sales team won’t be able to thrive and reach its full potential. Without knowing your bottlenecks, blind spots, and inefficiencies, how else would you maximize your sales team’s full potential?

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