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About Me

Having chosen to begin in retail Sales, I promoted to management of million dollar inventories with awards for over achieving in individual and overall store goals. In 1999, my sister and I then created a company with a service to our men and women in public safety. We provide software that tracks training, and work with those who are the ‘boots on the ground’ to high level decision makers including Chiefs and procurement officers. With 30 years of sales and management under my belt, my love for closing the deal and creating relationships through the sales process has never waned.

How I Have Helped Businesses

Consistently a top producer, my commitment to fostering relationships has ensured that our clients have remained with us for several years, even decades. As a strong team player, I help create a supportive work environment where individuals can grow and develop their skills. Many of our original staff are still with us today.
My efforts have also helped to drive company growth, with year-to-year increases in sales, and facilitation of the successful expansion to a second office out of state.

Super Power

Customer service is the key to building strong relationships which fosters loyalty and drives personal and business growth. Listening for what people need, not necessarily what they think they want, is a personal strength which cultivates trust and encourages growth. I'm a leader in customer acquisition and client retention still today.


V.P. MdE, Inc. – 1999-present
Professionally work with PowerfulandTrue (2016-present)
VIP Intensive – 20 hours immersion in personal growth (2016, 2019, 2022)
Big Success Mastermind – 1 year intense coaching and training (2016)

Company Size Experience

Less than 100 (Startups)
100-500 (SMB)
500-1,000 (Mid-Market)
1,000-10,000 (Enterprise)

Industry Experience


Sales Certifications



  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Sales Recruiting
  • Sales Process Design & Implementation

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