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About Me

He has developed over 300 sales compensation plans in over 20 industries for companies ranging from start up’s to Fortune 50 multi-national firms. He started his sales career at 16 selling door-to-door. Working for two multi-national technology firms he held roles in sales, sales leadership, sales training, international sales and national account management. And got his initial background in sales compensation managing a team that developed and administered compensation for a 250+ person sales organization.

How I Have Helped Businesses

He believes an effective sales compensation plan meets these key criteria –
1) is aligned with the company’s goals, 2) is motivational to plan participants, 3) is not complex, and 4) pays competitively.

He follows a clear 8-step process to develop or revise compensation plans. He uses that input he gains from his clients and his expertise to craft effective compensation solutions enabling his clients to meet their revenue goals.

Super Power

He brings a unique blend of experience and perspective to sales compensation development. Having a career in sales and sales leadership gives him an appreciation of the perspective of the plan participants. Being the manager of sales compensation gave him a real understanding of the challenges of administering the plans. And the need to keep sales compensation plans straightforward for clear communication with the sales people and ease of administration.


He is an honor graduate of Louisiana State University, B.Sc. International Trade and Finance. He completed executive education courses in marketing at the University of Michigan School of Business and is in Who’s Who in American Marketing. He is a member of World at Work, a global association for compensation professionals. He is Past President of the Orange County Chapter of the Association of Corporate Growth, Past President of the Association of Professional Consultants and founding board member of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association.

Company Size Experience

Less than 100 (Startups)
100-500 (SMB)
500-1,000 (Mid-Market)
1,000-10,000 (Enterprise)
10,000+ (Global Enterprise)

Industry Experience


Sales Certifications

Miller Heiman


  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Sales Recruiting
  • Sales Process Design & Implementation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Enterprise Sales
  • Mid-Market Sales
  • Small Business Sales

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