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About Me

I’m a multiple award-winning sales and service leader, business owner, and strategic consultant. I bring 20 years of cross-industry experience as a sales professional in rapidly growing companies looking to transition out of “startup” to “structure.”

Throughout my career, I have consistently played a key role in propelling business growth and successfully scaling companies. My professional highlight reel includes being the revenue leader and 100th employee in a billion-dollar FinTech unicorn. I’ve also multiple President’s Club Awards and sold the largest deals in a company’s history, at 3 separate firms.

While building a diverse portfolio of experience, I have successfully assisted clients in selling software and professional services across industries, including Financial Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, EdTech, and more.

I am here to guide you and your team every step of the way. I’m at my best when pulling apart complex problems and figuring out what’s going on, and I love helping people get to the best course of action.

So, let’s embark on a transformative journey together and turn your growth aspirations into reality!

How I Have Helped Businesses

Here’s how I can help your business:

• Positioning, Packaging, and Pricing: I’ve assisted a FinTech SaaS company in crafting an investor pitch deck that led to a successful Series A funding and earned a coveted spot in the Google Business Accelerator Program.

• Strategic Selling and Go-to-Market Excellence: I helped a client build an enterprise sales strategy, including recruiting a team. As a fractional VP of Sales, we closed the first million-dollar deal, marking a significant milestone and accelerating future growth.

• Coaching and Development of Sales and Service Leaders: I’ve had the privilege of coaching founders, first-time leaders, and entire sales teams on diverse topics. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with high achievers and guiding them through the complexities of ambiguity, growth, and transformation.

If you’re ready to achieve extraordinary results, let’s connect and discuss how I can support you and your business.

I’m available for fractional sales leadership, coaching, training, and custom packages.

Super Power

My superpower is creating momentum. My unique talent is using the art of persuasion to empower action and guide others to success. Constantly seeking the optimal path forward, I’m here to assist leaders in making informed decisions. With over 15 years of experience in sales and leadership, I have encountered my fair share of missteps and learned valuable lessons along the way. Today, I stand by your side, ready to guide you through uncharted territory and steer you through the turbulent waters of your next high-growth phase.


“Driven by intellectual curiosity, I’m a student of business and an avid non-fiction reader.

I completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and majored in International Business at Athabasca University (Canada).

Continuing education in Sales and Service includes:

• ASU Center for Service Leadership: Certificate in Advanced Services Leadership
• Miller Heiman Large Account Management & Strategic Sales
• Sandler Training
• GAP Selling
• SaaSy Sales Leadership Training”

Company Size Experience

Less than 100 (Startups)
100-500 (SMB)
500-1,000 (Mid-Market)
1,000-10,000 (Enterprise)

Industry Experience

Banking and Finance

Sales Certifications

GAP Selling
Miller Heiman


  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Sales Recruiting
  • Sales Process Design & Implementation
  • PLG Demand Gen
  • Outbound Prospecting
  • Prospecting Strategy
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching

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