Selling From Within Course

Unlock Your Sales Potential: Master the Art of Closing More Deals and Reaching Your Goals

Are you tired of stagnant sales and deals that never close? Ready to break through the barriers holding you back and unlock your true sales potential? 

This sales training course is designed to help sales professionals like you learn real, tangible, and actionable sales techniques to close more deals and reach your goals with our sales strategies and methodologies. Sign up now to gain direct access and take your career to the next level.

$3,000 one time investment / $395/month for 12 months.

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The Selling from Within course includes full access to our Selling from Within & Advanced Sales Development Training content library:

Selling from Within includes: 

  • Master the Fundamentals
  • Goal Setting that Works
  • Motivation in Today’s World
  • The Sales Process
  • Research and Preparation
  • Establishing Control While Building Trust
  • Prospecting with Purpose
  • Becoming a World-Class Communicator
  • Virtual Selling Mastery
  • How and Why People Buy
  • Stop Closing and Start Helping
  • Follow Up with Intention
  • Mastering the Art of Referrals
  • Client Retention & Nurturing
Selling from Within Includes 2
Advanced Sales Development Training Includes 2

Advanced Sales Development Training includes: 

  • Productive Prospecting
  • Cold Calling for Dummies
  • Social Selling
  • Become a Powerful Public Speaker
  • Presentation Skills and Styles
  • Networking – the Unsung Hero of Business
  • Building Quality Relationships
  • Forming Strategic Partnerships
  • Selling the “Right” Way
  • Value is King
  • Handling Objections
  • Negotiation
  • CRM & Pipeline Management
  • Understanding the Value of Your Pipeline
  • Improving Your Sales DNA Competencies.
Advanced Sales Development Training Includes 3
“The Sales Collective lives and breathes what they teach - and it makes it impossible not to respect the system they have cultivated. The modules build on each other until you are left with a fully digestible methodology for being a conscientious value provider with an emphasis on solving problems instead of hard-nosed in-your-face selling. The entire team at The Sales Collective have completely changed my approach to goal setting and made me more accountable to my follow-through; I can't recommend them highly enough! Shelby Nelson, Program, Manager, ICAT Logistics

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Steve Heroux

About Steve Heroux

Steve Heroux has built himself an extremely successful sales career spanning 25 years. He’s helped countless people achieve success, earned numerous awards and accolades, and reached the pinnacle of sales achievement in several different companies. Following this success, Steve realized his ultimate calling was to share with others how they can achieve their goals in the sales industry. Having walked the walk himself, Steve’s powerful sales message cuts right to the heart of effective selling in today’s marketplace. Quick-witted, highly engaged and especially authentic, Steve is the perfect leader to guide you or your sales team into the top 10%.