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About Me

I am a dynamic and seasoned sales professional, leader, and mentor, with a passion for Cloud-based and AI-based technologies. My two-decade long career in enterprise sales is characterized by outstanding performance and a proven knack for facilitating business growth and improvement.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, I thrive on leveraging innovative platforms to ensure customer success. Motivated by the opportunity to help clients bolster their businesses through cutting-edge solutions, I am constantly keeping pace with industry trends and identifying avenues for customer growth and product/service enhancement.

The sales landscape has transformed drastically over the past half-decade, and I am prepared to navigate the monumental shift that the next five years promise. I firmly believe that Sales, Marketing, and Service are converging, and this synergy is the future of our industry.

With my pursuit of sales excellence and customer satisfaction, I have established a global network of contacts and demonstrated success across various markets including China, Asia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, among others. Recognizing that understanding and respecting cultural nuances is crucial to successful sales, I have developed a keen awareness of these differences and their impact on the sales process.

How I Have Helped Businesses

● Developed and rolled out new sales processes and technology stack to align to the buyer’s journey
● Increased customer base seven-fold, through North American Expansion of multiple EMEA based organizations
● Increased bookings for United States operations more than 400%, revenue more than 300% and Customers 700%
● Increased average deal size from $95K to $210K and $75K to $225K in different organizations
● Reduced time to close from 10 months to 7 months and 10 months to 6 months in different organizations
● Reduced our customer acquisition cost by 500% and time to close by 328%
● Generated $3MM+ in annual recurring revenue pipeline in 8 months for new product line
● Overachieved organizational quota 20% YoY
● Established and managed the business development team, this was a new department in the organization
● Collaborate with the marketing, operations, customer success and engineering organizations to deliver value

● Selling complex solutions including AI, SAAS, CX, EX, CRM, BI, MDM, Analytics, and Rules Engines
● Produce $8.3 million of revenue in one year, exceed quota every year
● Produce $13.2 million in revenue in one year, exceeding 150% of quota each year
● Increase pipeline by 100% and qualified leads by 40%
● 100% customer satisfaction for the installed customer base

Super Power

Some of my superpowers include Emotional Intelligence, radiating empathy and understanding, and fostering harmonious relationships within and across teams. I excel at breaking down silos and cultivating collaboration and cohesion in the most segregated environments. My experience in coaching founders has enhanced my ability to demystify the concept of 'Revenue,' enabling them to grasp its implications and strategize accordingly. As an ex-Coder, I have an innate understanding of technology and product, allowing me to bridge the gap between technical intricacies and customer requirements, and product/service value propositions. One of my key strengths lies in transforming customers into raving fans, by providing outstanding service and value. My coaching extends to sales executives as well, empowering them to reach their full potential and excel in their roles. Lastly, I am adept at capturing and managing go-to-market metrics. I excel at deciphering the complex web of numbers that interact across revenue teams, transforming them into clear, actionable insights to drive business success.


Master in Business Administration (with a concentration in Entrepreneurship)
Miller Heiman
Strategic Selling

Company Size Experience

Less than 100 (Startups)
500-1,000 (Mid-Market)
1,000-10,000 (Enterprise)
10,000+ (Global Enterprise)

Industry Experience

Banking and Finance

Sales Certifications

GAP Selling
Miller Heiman
Corporate Vision


  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Sales Recruiting
  • Sales Process Design & Implementation
  • Sales Tech Evaluation & Implementation
  • Prospecting Strategy
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching

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