Motivation April 17, 2020

I’m not downplaying the pandemic we’re all battling day after day.

I’m not denying the fact it has changed our world forever.

But there is one “virus” that has killed more dreams, goals, big ideas, and futures than all other viruses put together.

That “virus” is FEAR.

You can’t see it.  You can’t touch it.  You can’t feel it. You can’t smell it.

But you can overcome it, you can eliminate it, and you can beat it.

It’s not easy.  

The virus of fear is spread more rapidly than any other for the mere fact that it can arise from nothing.  

Fear can instantly appear inside anyone’s mind at a moment’s notice.

It can somehow show itself instantly when it has never appeared before.

Fear lives inside all of us; even inside the minds of the most successful people on the planet. 

What matters most is how we fight it.  How we combat it. How we eliminate it (or at least mitigate its power).

Here are three strategies you can implement to help you punch fear in the face.

#1:  Become as supremely skilled as possible.

When Mike Tyson was knocking out every opponent he faced in the first two rounds, you could pretty much tell he was going to win, before the first bell rang.  You know why? Because his opponents KNEW they were going to get knocked out. Tyson was the strongest, fastest, quickest, most powerful puncher of my lifetime.  He knew it, you knew it, the world knew it. Why? He trained, trained, trained, trained, then trained, trained, and trained some more. If you want to be known as one of the best of all-time in your profession, why aren’t you training like you need to in order to get there?

#2:  It’s ok to be scared.

It’s not ok to let it keep you down.  All of us have at least some level of fear in some way.  It’s just that most successful people don’t let it overwhelm them.  Their fear is overtaken by their will. Their will to succeed, their will to fight for their families, their will to become masterful, their will to improve, and their will to change the world.  Don’t ever think you can completely eliminate all fears, that’s not realistic. What is realistic is to push fear so far back in its place, that it’s barely visible. It’s still there inside all of us, but it has to wait in line for a very long time to get in.

#3:  Your mind is like your garage.

We’ve all let our garages get a bit too cluttered.  We’ve all let things pile up, put stuff in the corner, kick things under the bench, add more stuff to our shelves, etc.  It’s only one thing at a time and doesn’t seem like a big deal, until you can’t fit your car in there anymore. Fear works in the same way.  It piles up. Little bits at a time, and before you notice, you can’t fit anything else inside your mind anymore, because it’s full. Full of fear.  Make it a practice to clean out your mind often. Just like you should clean out your garage. Work on throwing out all the bad thoughts, ideas, and beliefs; and replace them with positive thoughts, new ideas, and beliefs.  Keep it clean, keep it organized, keep it operational, and keep it open. Spend time eliminating excess stuff that serves you no purpose, that will never help you, and won’t ever help you.

Fear can only win if you let it breathe, grow, and fester.  You must do your absolute best to snuff it out before it gathers strength in your mind and eliminate it immediately before it has the chance to grab hold of you.

Steve is the CEO & Founder of Victory Selling and he can also be reached at or simply connect with him on LinkedIn!