• About the Sales Capabilities Index Calculator

  • The Sales Capabilities Index Calculator was designed specifically to help you better understand your company's overall sales effectiveness. This calculator focuses on three key areas of sales effectiveness that lead to the ultimate success of your sales team. Sales hiring, sales training, and sales leadership. Would you like to know how you stack up against the industry average and other companies your size? Would you like to know how many millions in sales you may be leaving on the table? If so, hit the “Get Started” button to find out!

“The Sales Collective lives and breathes what they teach - and it makes it impossible not to respect the system they have cultivated. The modules build on each other until you are left with a fully digestible methodology for being a conscientious value provider with an emphasis on solving problems instead of hard-nosed in-your-face selling. The entire team at The Sales Collective have completely changed my approach to goal setting and made me more accountable to my follow-through; I can't recommend them highly enough! Shelby Nelson, Program, Manager, ICAT Logistics