The Sales DNA Test

Whether you’re a salesperson or a sales leader reading this right now, you’d probably agree we all want to be more successful in our roles as sales professionals. Unfortunately, most of us don’t exactly know how to get there.

I’m sure you’ve been through all the gurus’ online courses, overpriced masterminds, stadium events full of upsells, and magic selling systems built fifty years ago. You’ve been taught in order to improve your sales results; you have to improve your selling skills. And while that’s not entirely untrue, it will never help you fix the root problem.

sales dna test

That’s why old-school, manipulative sales tactics based on language, building rapport, and my favorite of all the overrated sales training, “always be closing,” doesn’t work! If you want to have sustained, long-term success in sales, it all starts with how you think, what you believe, and how you feel, it’s not about what you say.

The Sales DNA Test is the only tool on the planet that specifically measures the 21 specific competencies that matter in today’s world of professional selling.

Do you know that 86% of salespeople need to be liked? Do you know that 60% of salespeople are uncomfortable discussing money? What if I told you in 45 minutes, you would learn every single thing that’s been keeping you from reaching your full potential in sales. Would you take the time to find out? Isn’t it time you finally figured out what’s been really holding you back from achieving the results you know you can achieve?

" I highly recommend any Sales Manager/Leader to take the Sales DNA Test themselves and then roll it out to their teams. I learned and had verified things about myself that I felt had been holding me back as a leader. When my teams took it, we saw some key areas of improvement that helped us reach the next level. It is shockingly robust and accurate!" Megan Allen, CEO, FranPromise

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