Sales DNA Test

Empower Your Sales Team with Data‑Driven Insights

Are you second-guessing your sales team’s capabilities? Do you feel like you’re coaching blindly, without a clear understanding of your team’s strengths and weaknesses? It’s time to get objective, data-driven insights with the Sales DNA Test.


Streamlined Decision-Making

Leverage objective, data-driven insights to make informed decisions about your team’s capabilities.


Focused Development

Identify specific areas of improvement for each team member and devise tailored strategies for growth.


Optimized Resource Allocation

Make better investment decisions based on concrete data to maximize your returns on investment.

What to Expect From Our Sales DNA Test

Our Sales DNA Test is a comprehensive tool that uncovers the strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of development within your sales team. It’s a holistic approach that transcends traditional skill assessments, helping you make informed decisions about personnel investment and improvement areas.

In-Depth Sales Assessment

Each of your salespeople undergoes a Sales DNA Test that reveals their inherent strengths and areas for growth.

Managerial Insight

Sales managers partake in a DNA Test specifically designed to uncover their unique capabilities and improvement areas.

Leadership Analysis

Your Sales Directors/VPs take the Sales Leadership DNA Test to gain valuable insights into their growth and development trajectories.

Non-Selling Role Examination

Non-traditional salespeople and non-sales-related leaders can also benefit from our DNA Tests, designed to optimize their contribution to your sales process.

sales dna test
Step 4 Measure the Results

Organizational Analysis

We conduct a thorough Systems & Processes Analysis for your entire organization to identify areas of improvement.

Strategy Alignment

Ensure your Management Strategies align with your organizational goals for maximum efficiency.

Detailed Consultation

Benefit from a comprehensive two-hour Results & Findings Consultation via Zoom to discuss the test results and potential improvement strategies.

Data-Driven Reports

Receive detailed reports and findings via email for future reference and strategic planning.

Business Stats

The Proof is in the Numbers


Sales Performance

Companies that use data-driven insights for sales training have seen a 32% increase in sales performance


Closing Deals

Businesses that focus on developing their sales team’s strengths have experienced a 67% increase in closing deals 


Conduct Skills Assessments

45% of high-performing sales organizations conduct regular skills assessments, compared to only 16% of low-performing ones

Real Customers, Real Results

See why leading companies trust our Sales DNA Test to propel their sales performance and uncover hidden potential.

“I highly value people and organizations that consistently show up as a partner, not just a vendor, and not just as a consultant. Steve does that.”

Our Clients

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The Sales DNA Test goes beyond evaluating skills. It delves into the emotional and cognitive factors that underpin sales performance, including tendencies, thought processes, habits, belief systems, and biases.

After the completion of the test, we schedule a comprehensive two-hour consultation session to discuss the results and findings. Typically, you can expect to receive the results within 1-2 weeks.

Absolutely! We offer Non-Selling Role DNA Tests and Leadership Capabilities Tests for non-traditional salespeople and non-sales-related leaders, respectively.

We provide you with detailed reports and a blueprint of recommendations and suggestions for improvement. Moreover, one-on-one, personal Sales DNA Test review sessions via Zoom are available at an additional cost. These sessions are designed to clarify and further explore the findings, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of the results.

The Sales DNA Test provides a detailed analysis of your team’s strengths and areas of improvement, offering valuable insights that can be used to create tailored development plans. By focusing on these specific areas, you can effectively enhance your team’s sales performance.

Regular assessment is key to sustained improvement. We recommend conducting the Sales DNA Test annually or whenever there’s a significant change in your sales team or strategies.