Sales Leadership Training & Development

Transform Your Sales Managers into Inspirational Sales Leaders

Do you have a new sales manager or sales leader that has never been formally trained? Concerned that your sales leaders lack the skills to drive consistent results and growth? Experiencing high turnover of your salespeople? Empower your sales managers with our tailored frontline sales leadership training & development solutions.


Holistic Leadership Growth

Transform your sales managers through a comprehensive and structured development journey, driving results and effective team leadership.

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Tailored Learning Experience

Focus on your sales managers’ specific needs with customized topics and bi-weekly one-on-one sessions, fostering personal growth and skill enhancement.


Continuous Support

Access a wealth of resources, including leadership videos, manager templates, and a private Slack channel for ongoing guidance and assistance.

What to Expect From Our Frontline Sales Leadership Training & Development Program

Discover a Comprehensive Approach to Transforming Your Sales Managers into Effective Leaders

Comprehensive Assessment

Our program starts with a thorough evaluation of your sales manager’s leadership DNA and current competencies to identify skill gaps and growth opportunities.

Customized Training

Benefit from a personalized development plan that addresses your sales manager’s unique needs, focusing on key leadership principles, building a high-performance team, emotional intelligence, and best practices for team management and communication.

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Real-World Application

Our program incorporates practical exercises, coaching sessions, and real-time feedback to ensure your sales manager can confidently apply their newfound skills and knowledge in everyday situations.

Ongoing Guidance

With over 500 sales leaders trained around the world, our experienced sales leadership coaches provide continuous support throughout the program, offering valuable insights, resources, and access to a private Slack channel for real-time assistance.

Measurable Growth

Witness tangible improvements in your sales manager’s leadership abilities, resulting in better team engagement, more effective sales strategies, and increased revenue for your organization.

Personality Based Assessments vs. Skills Based Assessments
Business Stats

The Proof is in the Numbers


Organizations Need Leadership Training

77% of organizations report a significant leadership gap, making it crucial for sales managers to receive proper training and development


Increase in Revenue

Companies that invest in leadership development programs report a 37% increase in revenue per employee


Sales Leader Lack Formal Training

A staggering 95% of sales leaders have never received formal training, which contributes to the majority of them experiencing failure. This lack of training can cost businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue due to underperformance and high employee turnover within their sales teams.

Real Customers, Real Results

Hear from Managers Who Transformed Their Teams

“I highly value people and organizations that consistently show up as a partner, not just a vendor, and not just as a consultant. Steve does that.”

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Ready to Elevate Your Sales Team and Crush Your Goals?

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With personalized data driven leadership evaluation, coaching, and ongoing support, you’ll grow your managers into confident leaders that can drive more deals, improve employee engagement and accelerate team growth. 


The program runs for a total of 12 months, with each month focusing on specific topics and objectives to ensure comprehensive sales leadership development.

The program begins with a Baseline Assessment, which evaluates your sales manager’s leadership DNA, skills, and competencies. This assessment allows our coaches to identify the gaps and customize the coaching program to address your sales manager’s unique needs.

The program covers a wide range of topics, including situational leadership, culture-building, coaching best practices, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, culture building, communication, goal-setting, and many more. Each phase focuses on different areas to ensure well-rounded sales leadership development.

In addition to the coaching sessions, participants receive access to leadership videos, additional training on specific topics, an invitation to the TSC Private Sales Leadership Slack channel for real-time support, and the creation of a custom team challenge coin.

One-on-one coaching sessions occur bi-weekly during specific months of the program. These sessions are designed to provide personalized guidance, support, and insights, focusing on the sales manager’s development in key areas.

Sales managers who complete the program can expect to gain a deeper understanding of their leadership strengths and areas for improvement, develop effective coaching and communication skills, and become more adept at driving their team’s performance and engagement.

The program equips sales managers with the tools and techniques necessary to foster a positive and engaging sales culture, hold their team accountable, set clear expectations, and provide ongoing support and coaching to help their team reach its full potential.

The TSC Private Sales Leadership Slack is an exclusive online community where participants can ask questions, share insights, and receive real-time support from fellow sales leaders as well as experienced coaches in a safe and confidential environment.

The custom team challenge coin is a unique and symbolic token designed to represent your team’s values, mission, and commitment to excellence. It serves as a reminder of the shared goals and accomplishments and helps to foster a sense of unity and pride within your sales team.

The success of the program can be measured through various factors such as improvements in sales performance, increased team engagement, lower turnover rates, and positive feedback from team members. Additionally, regular progress reviews and assessments will help track the sales manager’s development and the overall impact of the training.