Sales Maturity Audit

Take your entire revenue engine to the next level!

Does your sales organization have room for growth but you’re unsure where to start? Want to identify your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses, and the effectiveness of your go-to-market strategy? Obtain a clear roadmap to success with our thorough Sales Maturity Audit.

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Insightful Maturity Scorecard

Benefit from an in-depth evaluation of your sales organization, processes, and teams. Our comprehensive Maturity Scorecard gives you a precise overview of all your sales operations, highlighting areas of strength and uncovering opportunities for improvement.


Sales Team Evaluation

In addition to the Maturity Scorecard, our Sales Team Evaluation dives deeper into the abilities, skill gaps, and motivational levels of your individual team members, enabling you to tailor your strategies for maximum effectiveness.

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Strategic Recommendations

Based on our scientific findings, we provide actionable recommendations to optimize your go-to-market approach, talent management, sales motion, reporting, and financial efficiency. We guide you towards sustainable growth and success.

What to Expect from Our Sales Maturity Audit

Navigating Your Sales Growth Pathway

With our Sales Maturity Audit, you receive a comprehensive analysis of the five key elements of your sales organization:

1. Go-to-Market Approach

We assess your brand messaging, unique differentiators, and target market to ensure you have a compelling value proposition in the marketplace.

2. Talent Evaluation

From defining roles and responsibilities to measuring performance and accountability, we help you optimize your talent management for success.

Go-to-Market Approach & Talent Evaluation
Analysis & Reporting​

3. Sales Motion

We review your sales approach, territory alignment, sales technology, and incentive plans to boost your sales capacity and effectiveness.

4. Analysis & Reporting

We evaluate your pipeline construction, sales dynamics, forecasting accuracy, and future planning to facilitate informed decision-making.

5. Financial Efficiency

We analyze your budget management, cost per lead, cost per sale, and customer acquisition cost to improve your financial efficiency.

Financial Efficiency

This is a full month collaborative journey where we work closely with you to identify challenges and opportunities, providing a clear path toward enhanced sales performance and revenue growth. 

Business Stats

The Proof is in the Numbers



A company that deployed the findings of our Maturity Audit went from $16m to $40m in 2 years


Revenue Increase

The Maturity Audit uncovered blindspots that led to a 2x increase in revenue


Inefficient Usage of Time

On average, sales teams only spend 34% of their time selling due to inefficient processes.

Actual Clients, Tangible Results

Discover why businesses trust The Sales Collective's Sales Maturity Audit to transform their sales performance.

“We thought to check out their [The Sales Collective] process and it was amazing. It was a game changer as it relates to recruiting the great sales peoples”

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Gain clarity on your sales organization’s current status, reveal hidden challenges, and receive actionable recommendations to drive growth. Begin your journey to sales excellence today and join the ranks of successful businesses that have transformed their sales operations with The Sales Collective.


The duration of the audit varies depending on the size and complexity of your sales organization. However, we typically complete the process within three to five weeks.

Absolutely. Our Sales Maturity Audit is designed to be adaptable to your business. We ensure it addresses your specific concerns and business objectives.

The results of the audit will be presented in a comprehensive Maturity Scorecard and a detailed Sales Team Evaluation. We will also provide strategic recommendations based on the findings.

The Sales Team Evaluation assesses the abilities, skills, and motivation of individual team members. This evaluation helps identify gaps, strengths, and areas for development within your team.

Yes, part of our audit process involves assessing your entire go-to-market approach, including your value proposition, unique differentiators, target market, brand messaging, revenue efficiency, as well as a deep dive into all facets of your process.

We provide strategic recommendations tailored and developed based on our findings. There are no one size fits all approaches here. These could range from optimizing your go-to-market strategy, improving talent management, and enhancing sales motion, to improving your reporting and financial efficiency.

Our Sales Maturity Audit is designed to provide valuable insights for any business with a sales team, regardless of size or industry. We customize our audit process to suit your specific needs and circumstances.