Sales Process Creation & Implementation

Without a documented, stage-driven, repeatable, and effective sales process, you’re leaving the ultimate success of your sales organization in the hands of luck and chance. According to a study conducted by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association, companies that had a documented, formal sales process experienced 18% more revenue growth compared to companies that didn’t. 18%! Think about that. If you’re a $20MM company, you’re losing about $4MM a year in revenue because your sales team is winging it.

If you finally take the time to get a sales process built, once and for all, here are the benefits.

#1 – Decreased Ramp-Up Time for New Salespeople

#2 – A Recipe for Success!

#3 – More Qualified Leads & Increased Lifetime Value of Customers.

#4 – Higher Win Rates.

#5 – Better Customer Experiences = More Referrals = Increased Revenue.

#6 – Happier Salespeople & Sales Leaders!

Sales Process Overview

I know this isn’t talked about much, but the happiness of your sales team and how you carry yourself every day with you attitude and outlook play a huge role in the success of your organization. If your salespeople are selling more stuff, if they’re generating more referrals, if they’re getting more testimonials, and if they’re making more money, do you think they’ll be happier? Spend the time, money, and effort to build a duplicatable, effective sales process, and your team will reach a level of success you never thought was possible. If you’d like more info on how we help our clients do just that, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

“The Sales Collective lives and breathes what they teach - and it makes it impossible not to respect the system they have cultivated. The modules build on each other until you are left with a fully digestible methodology for being a conscientious value provider with an emphasis on solving problems instead of hard-nosed in-your-face selling. The entire team at The Sales Collective have completely changed my approach to goal setting and made me more accountable to my follow-through; I can't recommend them highly enough! Shelby Nelson, Program, Manager, ICAT Logistics

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