Sales Recruiting Program

Discover the Right Talent for Your Sales Team

Are you struggling to find the right sales talent that revenue attainment? The Sales Collective’s Sales Recruiting solution ensures you not only find the right fit but also set them up for success from day one.


Expert-Matched Sales People

We don’t just find candidates; we find the right candidates. Leveraging our Sales DNA Test, we ensure that every sales person aligns with your company’s unique sales objectives.


Comprehensive Onboarding Support

We don’t just place great people, we also help you ramp them up. Our three-month sales training ensures every sales person is equipped with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to excel from day one.


Minimize Turnover and Maximize Results

Harness the power of Sales DNA Tests taken by 2.4m salespeople coupled with expert hiring strategies to reduce costly mistakes, increase employee retention, and elevate your sales team’s overall performance.

Why New Sales People Often Stumble Out of the Gate

The initial onboarding phase for any sales person is a delicate balance of adapting, learning, and performing. Here’s a peek into common pitfalls:

Orientation Overwhelm:

A hazy onboarding can leave sales people feeling like a fish out of water.

Training Gaps:

Even seasoned salespeople can trip without the right training for your specific product or market.

Resume & Skills Mismatch:

Sometimes what someone tells you in the interview process doesn’t match their on-the-job skills.

Ambiguous Goals:

Without crystal-clear KPIs, direction can become a guessing game.

Our Approach to Sales Recruiting

Beyond the Resume:

We delve deeper, assessing the candidate on the role, belief systems, and deep job-related skills to ensure the resume matches the person’s abilities.

Training from Day One:

Every sales person benefits from three months of intensive sales training, ensuring they’re not just familiar, but fluent in their role.

Business Partners

The Sales Collective Edge

Dedicated Expertise:​ We employ veteran sales recruiters who are solely dedicated to this function, ensuring precision in every hire.

Customized Solutions: Your company is unique, and so are your needs. Our solutions are molded to fit, not the other way around.

The Sales DNA Test:​ Dive deep into the strengths and areas of growth for your sales team, backed by actionable insights.

True Partnership:​ We’re not just another service provider. We’re your ally, your partner, every step of the way.

Success Isn’t Optional:​ Our mission isn’t just about aiming for success. It’s about ensuring it.

Business Stats

The Proof is in the Numbers

Precision in Recruitment

With our dedicated sales recruiters singularly focused on this function, we not only fill roles faster but ensure a superior fit, bringing in higher quality individuals tailored for your sales needs.

Sales DNA Test Accuracy

Our proprietary Sales DNA test isn’t just another assessment tool. It boasts a staggering 92% accuracy, ensuring that every sales person aligns seamlessly with your sales objectives and culture.

Retention Excellence

Employee engagement isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a metric we’re proud of. Companies that embrace our structured onboarding and training programs witness a 30%+ increase in sales team retention rates.

Swift Onboarding

Time is money, especially in sales. Our specialized training and support systems slash the typical ramp-up time, with new sales people becoming fully productive up to 66% faster.

Real Results, Real Fast

Real businesses have witnessed real transformation with our Video Call Coaching:

“I highly value people and organizations that consistently show up as a partner, not just a vendor, and not just as a consultant. Steve does that.”

Our Clients

Ready to Elevate Your Sales Team?

Finding the right talent is just the start. With The Sales Collective, you’re setting the stage for sustained success.


We only use Recruiters with expertise in sales. We focus on holistic alignment, ensuring every recruit is not just skilled but also a cultural and strategic fit for your company.

Our training encompasses effective prospecting techniques, consultative selling, presenting solutions, overcoming objections, negotiating, and forming partnerships the right way, ensuring every recruit is primed for success.

We believe in continuous growth. Our support extends beyond placement, ensuring every recruit evolves into a sales powerhouse.

Your success is our priority. If there’s a mismatch due to our fault, we offer a 60-day placement guarantee, ensuring you get the right talent aligned with your needs.

We invest time understanding your vision, goals, and challenges. Every recruit is vetted against this backdrop, ensuring alignment from day one. See our SalesDNA Test for more information.