Sales Team Evaluation

We started The Sales Collective because we were tired of seeing organizations hire sales training company after sales training company and struggle to get consistent results. It’s not necessarily because those sales training companies were poor or ineffective, it’s because they had no clue on what to train, teach, and coach your team.

Do you really think there’s some “magic selling system” that works on all salespeople in all organizations, across the world?

How would a sales training company know how to teach, train, inspire, and motivate your sales team, when they have no idea what’s going on inside your specific organization?

Before you even attempt to bring in any sales training company, you need to know the answers to these questions.

If you DON'T KNOW the ANSWERS to these questions, and more importantly, if the sales training company doesn’t know the answers to these questions, why would you ever think they could improve your sales team’s results and performance?

This is precisely why our proprietary Sales Team Evaluation is so valuable to our clients. Think of this process as the MRI of your sales team where we look inside and find out exactly what’s causing you pain. If you hurt your knee and couldn’t walk, you’d go to the doctor. And if the doctor never looked at you, never asked any questions, and didn’t do an MRI, but told you to take two aspirin and you’d be fine in a couple of hours, what would you think?! Therein lies the problem with most sales training companies. If a doctor gave two aspirin to every patient that walked into her office, without examining what’s causing the pain, not only would it be ineffective, but it may also actually cause more damage than good. That’s what almost all sales training companies will tell you. Their “magic selling system” will cure all ills and no matter what the problem is, they’ll fix it. Ya, ok.

We’ve seen this practice for years, which is why we started the Sales Collective. You need to look under the hood before you start telling people you can fix the engine. The foundation of our Sales Team Evaluation is called the Sales DNA Test. We use a sales-specific assessment that’s evaluated more than two million salespeople in more than 34,000 companies over the past 30+ years that uncovers the exact symptoms causing your sales team’s poor sales results. Beyond your team’s sales skills, they have emotions, tendencies, thought processes, habits, belief systems, and biases that determine their Sales DNA. These factors need to be identified, addressed, and corrected, if you ultimately want them to reach their full potential in sales.

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sales dna test

The best part...There's a Sales DNA Test for each layer of your organization.

Everyone in your organization will receive a Sales DNA Test specific to their role. Your salespeople will take the Sales DNA Test, sales managers take Sales Manager DNA, sales leaders take Sales Leadership DNA. We also have a DNA Test for non-sales roles (account manager, project manager, estimator) and we have a Leadership Capabilities DNA Test for non-sales leaders (CEO/CFO/COO). We’ll show you every single hindrance in every one of your people that’s preventing them from reaching their full potential, so you can finally identify their challenges and self-limiting beliefs to start addressing and improving them.

After completing our Sales Team Evaluation, we’ll conduct a fully detailed and comprehensive review of exactly what we found. We’ll spend two hours diving into exactly what sales skills, mindset challenges, Sales DNA hindrances, and leadership deficiencies are holding your team back from reaching their full potential. We have to know what’s broken before we even think about attempting to fix it, and that’s what separates us from the rest. If you’re sincerely looking to transform your sales team into a high-performing, record-breaking organization, we’ll be here to help!

"Our partnership with Steve and his team was a huge contributor to our sales growth over the past two years. By offering this to our team we're now more organized and better prepared to offer our clients a consistent dependable partnership each time we interact. Huge thank you to Steve and his team!" Bob Brandon, VP of Sales, Talent-Corps

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