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Dive deeper into our program designed to elevate you from an average producer to a top-five percenter in the insurance industry.

Are you leaving your future success in the hands of your lead generation company? Are you asking the right questions and conducting proper discovery? Do you sell through charts, tables, graphs, projections, and financial promises? If  “yes”, you may be leaving millions of future earning on the table. The old-school, antiquated, tacky, and obsolete insurance-selling tactics simply don’t work in this marketplace.

Insurance Sales University will not only teach you how to be more effective with today’s customers, buyers, and policyholders, but will also equip you with the tools you need to make that happen. Masterful follow-up, endless referral generation, probing and relevant discovery questions, and vivid storytelling are all the traits of what make up the top-five percenters in this industry. Get started today!

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$29/mo per agency member

IIANC LIVE is a 60-minute live, monthly webinar designed to help coach and train producers to help them grow their revenue.

We will cover topics such as value proposition, handling objections, mastering the discovery meeting, prospecting, networking, mastering referrals, how to build a sales process, and more!



IIANC University

$150/mo per agency member

Everything from IIANC LIVE PLUS:

An additional 60-minute live, monthly training session geared towards agency owners: how to coach and train your producers, developing sales management leadership skills to help producers succeed.

AND access to ALL online courses available from The Sales Collective: unlock full access to the extensive library of 150+ lessons and 26 specific training courses, designed to address every area for producer sales improvement and effective management of a sales team.

Sales DNA Test

$540/one time fee

Empower Your Sales Team with Data‑Driven Insights

Our Sales DNA Test is a comprehensive tool that uncovers the strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of development within your sales team. It’s a holistic approach that transcends traditional skill assessments, helping you make informed decisions about personnel investment and improvement areas.

The IIANC University Includes Comprehensive Training Modules to Master Every Aspect of the Insurance Sales Process

  • Communication Mastery (2): Overcoming public speaking fears and mastering body language.
  • Soft Skills (7): Building daily habits for success and mastering the fundamentals.
  • Sales Process (3): Understanding the importance of following a sales process and CRM & pipeline management.
  • Building Quality Relationships (3): Learn strategies to forge lasting, valuable connections with clients.
  • Prospecting with Purpose (5): Master modern techniques to identify and reach your target customers.
  • Fact Finding & Discovery (1): Unlock the secret to understanding your clients’ needs for personalized insurance solutions.
  • Quoting (4): Simplify the quoting process to deliver compelling and personalized insurance quotes.
  • Mastering Follow-Up (2): The importance of proper follow-up and mastering the art of referrals.
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Meet Steve Heroux

The Sales Collective's Master Mind

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At a young age, Steve Heroux had debilitating anxiety at the mere thought of standing in front of the class giving a book report. But thanks to his accidental discovery of his first sales job at 18 years old, selling Cutco Knives, he became the number one Cutco rep in the United States in his senior year of college. After seven years of performing at a high level in both a sales role and sales leadership role with Cutco, he decided he wanted a new challenge and entered the field of insurance. In his first year with AFLAC in Massachusetts, he broke several records in a field he’d never been in before. He then went on to have an extensively successful career at AFLAC, where he became #1 agent in a field of 60,000 agents.

Not only did he have incredible success as a salesperson, but he also had tremendous success as a sales leader with AFLAC. In his first year leading a sales team, he was the #8 District Manager in the entire company in percentage over quota. One of the keys to his success in leading salespeople involves teaching them something he calls Daily Performance Indicators (you’ll have to ask him about these)!

Steve is shortly becoming a sought-after, world-class speaker on sales and sales leadership, who challenges conventional wisdom and offers a contrarian approach to the art of selling in today’s marketplace. He’s been told on several occasions he’s the polar opposite of most of the sales-related speakers and fake gurus who are flooding our social media feeds on an hourly basis. With a unique perspective on the psychology of selling, Steve inspires his audiences to forget about most of what they’ve learned, re-examine their approach to sales, and he promises to change the way you look at the world of professional selling from this day forward.


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