About The Sales Collective​

At The Sales Collective, we are pioneering a new frontier in partnered selling and sales growth. Our customers & clients range from individuals who would like to improve their effectiveness and become true sales professionals to large corporations who would like to revamp, revitalize, or reimagine their entire sales operation from top to bottom. Capability, Coaching, and Continuation are the cornerstones of our process, and we can help you reshape the way you think about selling in today’s marketplace.

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After seeing the lack of real, viable, effective, and lasting sales training opportunities in the marketplace today, we wanted to breath new life into the professional selling industry and finally address what’s been holding sales professionals back for years. Without going into too much detail, most sales training companies focus on teaching old-school tactics, antiquated strategies, and manipulation as a means of persuading a prospect to buy. Sorry, that just doesn’t work and it’s retarding your growth in sales and exacerbating the perception of the slimy salesperson.

If you truly want to overcome your hurdles and discover what’s been preventing you from reaching your ultimate success as a sales professional or as a company, it’s about understanding your Sales DNA. Beyond you or your team’s sales skills, our emotions, tendencies, thought processes, habits, belief systems, and biases determine our outcomes in sales. These factors need to be identified, addressed, and corrected, if you ultimately want to achieve the results you deserve. It’s not about magic scripts, up front contacts, yes ladders, and other “techniques” that will somehow convince your prospects to buy.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to finally get over the hump and achieve the success in sales you know you or your company deserves, we’re ready to help!

"Our partnership with Steve and his team was a huge contributor to our sales growth over the past two years. By offering this to our team we're now more organized and better prepared to offer our clients a consistent dependable partnership each time we interact. Huge thank you to Steve and his team!" Bob Brandon, VP of Sales, Talent-Corps
    Steve Heroux

    About Steve Heroux

    Steve Heroux has built himself an extremely successful sales career spanning 25 years. He’s helped countless people achieve success, earned numerous awards and accolades, and reached the pinnacle of sales achievement in several different companies. Following this success, Steve realized his ultimate calling was to share with others how they can achieve their goals in the sales industry. Having walked the walk himself, Steve’s powerful sales message cuts right to the heart of effective selling in today’s marketplace. Quick-witted, highly engaged and especially authentic, Steve is the perfect leader to guide you or your sales team into the top 10%.