Coach Led Sales Training

Transform Performance with Tailored Training and Coaching

Frustrated by inconsistent sales results and underperforming team members? Worried that generic training programs aren’t addressing the unique needs of your sales team? Is the lack of sales training holding your business back from what it could be? Boost Your Sales Performance with Our Customized Coach-Led Sales Training Solutions.


Customized Skill Development

Targeted training that addresses the specific needs and skill gaps of the entire team, ensuring maximum impact and improvement.


Personalized Coaching and Support

In collaboration with sales leadership, we create tailored individual development plans (IDPs) designed to foster the growth of each team member by specifically addressing their unique areas for improvement.

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Strategic Alignment and Accountability

Comprehensive guidance from senior sales executives, leadership training for sales leaders, and integrated tracking and monitoring to ensure continuous progress and alignment with business goals.

What to Expect from Our Customized Coach-Led Sales Training Solutions

Transform your sales team with our Coach-Led Sales Training Solutions, designed to deliver lasting results and unlock the full potential of your team.

Comprehensive Onboarding & Planning

Kick off your journey with onboarding and planning sessions tailored to the critical needs of the business. We’ll set up Lightspeed, you LMS for coaching videos, schedule your coach-led team training curriculum, and establish clear expectations for your sales team’s growth and development.

Personalized Training & Coaching

Experience the power of two monthly one-hour sales team coaching sessions, focused on addressing skill gaps and reinforcing learnings. We’ll also provide two monthly one-on-one sessions with sales managers to support their coaching and team development efforts.

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IDP The Sales Collective

Customized Development Plans

We’ll work closely with your sales leaders to build independent development plans (IDPs) for each salesperson, ensuring targeted growth and improvement in key areas.

Access to Exclusive Curriculum & Resources

Unlock full access to our extensive library of 150+ lessons and 26 specific training courses, designed to address every area on the SalesDNA assessment. Your sales team will receive the tools they need to excel.

Strategic Guidance & Accountability

Collaborate with a Senior Sales Executive for strategic planning and initiatives, and benefit from monthly review and planning sessions with executive leadership. Our solution helps you track, assign, monitor, test, and hold your team accountable for their progress.

Strategic Guidance & Accountability​
Business Stats

The Proof is in the Numbers


Annual Revenue

Companies that provide comprehensive sales training programs see a 16.6% increase in annual revenue


Training Retention

A remarkable 84% of all sales training is forgotten within just 90 days, primarily due to the absence of consistent implementation of the acquired knowledge inadequate reinforcement from leadership.


Lack of Training

A staggering 74% of salespeople fail to achieve their targets due to the lack of proper training and coaching

Real Customers, Real Results

See how our clients transformed their sales performance with our coach-led sales training

“We thought to check out their [The Sales Collective] process and it was amazing. It was a game changer as it relates to recruiting the great sales peoples”

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The duration of the program can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of your sales team. Typically, programs last anywhere from six months to a year or more, with ongoing support available.

This program is designed for sales teams across various industries and sizes, from startups to large enterprises. The training is customized to suit the unique needs and challenges of each team.

Training sessions are conducted via video conferencing.

Yes, the coach-led sales training program is designed to be adaptable to your unique sales process, industry, and target market. Our experienced coaches will work closely with your team to create a tailored training plan that addresses your specific needs and goals.

Success is measured through a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as increased sales, reduced sales cycle times, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced turnover rates. Regular progress reports and feedback sessions will help you track your team’s improvements and ensure the program is delivering the desired results.

Ongoing support is available to ensure the long-term success of your sales team. This can include regular check-ins, access to additional resources, and follow-up training sessions to reinforce learning and address new challenges.

The Sales DNA Test is a sales-specific assessment tool that evaluates a salesperson’s emotions, tendencies, thought processes, habits, belief systems, and biases, which can impact their success in sales. By identifying and addressing these factors, our program provides targeted, customized training to help your salespeople reach their full potential.

Traditional sales training often uses a one-size-fits-all approach, applying a generic selling system to all participants. They also often fall into the camp of big bang multiple-day training. Our program is designed around the concept of consistent and focused long-term development leads to better results.

While we provide a list of recommended coaching sessions, our program is flexible, and we can work with you to customize the order and content of the sessions to address your team’s specific challenges and priorities.

Our coach-led sales training program includes training and support for both salespeople and sales leaders. Sales leaders can benefit from leadership training and support in building development plans and coaching their teams effectively.

We understand that every team’s needs are different, and we can work with you to provide additional coaching sessions on specific topics or challenges your team is facing. Our goal is to ensure your sales team’s success and address all areas that require improvement.

Lightspeed is a learning management system (LMS) used in our Coach Led Sales Training program. It helps to plan the curriculum schedule, track progress, assign tasks, monitor results, and hold team members accountable. It also provides access to 150+ lessons of curriculum for both salespeople and sales leaders.

The Daily 100 tasks are a set of activities designed to help salespeople and sales managers build daily habits in key areas, such as prospecting, relationship building, and time management. These tasks reinforce the skills learned during the coaching sessions and contribute to the overall improvement of the sales team.

Our Coach Led Sales Training program supports sales leaders through leadership training, building independent development plans (IDPs) for each salesperson, and providing guidance from a Senior Sales Executive on strategic planning and initiatives. Sales leaders also benefit from monthly 1:1 coaching sessions on team development, as well as Team Results Workshops to review progress and plan for continued growth.