Sale DNA April 8, 2020

Companies are cutting costs, reducing expenses, and eliminating positions faster than ever.

But I’ve yet to see the same amount of companies fire their most successful salesperson.


I think the answer is obvious. Great salespeople are hard to find and even harder to keep.

It’s in times like this, where we see the cream of the crop rise to the top. When it’s not that easy to take orders, get layups, and collect commission checks, how are your salespeople truly performing?

When the economy is humming and product is flowing out the door, companies will miss the most obvious of signs when it comes to their sales teams’ performance.

What becomes abundantly clear in times of struggle is the following:

Lack of a sales process.
Lack of effective sales training.
Poor hiring results exposed.
Zero accountability.
Sales manager deficiencies.
Less focus on day-to-day activities.
Morale is gone.
Ineffective onboarding process.

And the list goes on and on.

There has never been a better time to take stock of your salespeople and sales leaders.

If you’re a CEO or Executive who’s concerned about revenue, growth, or even keeping the doors open, you should be asking yourselves these questions about your sales organization:

Do we have the right people in place?
Are they capable of performing at a high level?
Do they have the skill sets and mindset to thrive in a downturn?
Can our sales managers effectively coach and lead?
Will our team perform well when they’re all remote?
How do we keep them motivated and inspired?
Should we keep paying our vastly underperforming salespeople?

If you don’t plug the holes in your boat when you’re miles out at sea, in the middle of a storm, when exactly are you planning on plugging the holes?

There is literally no logical explanation for this action to continue in any way, shape, or form.

Not only will our one-of-a-kind Sales DNA Test help you plug the holes, we’ll help you figure out how to plug them quickly, get the boat back to shore safely, and be ten times better prepared when the next storm blows through.

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Find out once and for all, who should be captaining your boat, who should be leading your crew, and who’s going to help you get back to shore safely.

Steve is the CEO & Founder of Victory Selling and if you’d like more information about how to maximize the performance of your now-remote sales team, he’s happy to help.

Steve can be reached at or simply connect with him on LinkedIn!