Sales Hiring Optimization

Achieve Consistent Sales Success with Optimized Hiring Strategies

Tired of the costly consequences of hiring the wrong salespeople? Struggling to find the perfect fit for your team and its unique needs? Worried about another bad hire that might cost your business millions? Revolutionize Your Recruitment Strategy with Our Sales Hiring Optimization Program.


Accelerate Sales Growth with the Right Talent

Sales Hiring Optimization helps identify and recruit the ideal candidates tailored to your organization’s needs, driving sales performance and fueling business growth with a 92% accuracy rate.


Customized Solutions for Your Unique Hiring Challenges

Choose from our DIY Sales Recruiting option, and enjoy a recruitment process specifically designed for your organization, ensuring the best possible fit for your sales roles.


Minimize Turnover and Maximize Results

Harness the power of Sales DNA Tests taken by 2.4m salespeople coupled with expert hiring strategies to reduce costly mistakes, increase employee retention, and elevate your sales team’s overall performance.

What to Expect From Our Sales Hiring Optimization Program

Streamline Your Recruitment Process and Build a High-Performance Sales Team

Our Sales Hiring Optimization Program

With our Sales Hiring Optimization, you’ll receive six expert-led Zoom training sessions, recordings, and slide decks, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to hire the right candidates effectively. Topics covered include crafting compelling job ads, customizing our Sales Candidate DNA Test, behavioral and technical based interviewing techniques, conducting phone screenings, avoiding interview biases, implementing a three-interview process, and much more. Plus, enjoy UNLIMITED use of SalesDNA Tests!

Develop Active Listening Skills
Business Partners

Gain the Knowledge and Tools to Hire Top Sales Talent

Choose our Full-Service Sales Recruiting option, and we’ll have our partner a world-class agency manage the entire recruitment process for you. From job postings to candidate evaluations and interviews, we’ll streamline the hiring process and deliver a minimum of three high-quality, vetted, and SalesDNA approved candidates for your consideration. All aspects of the DIY process are also included, along with full access to a candidate dashboard and UNLIMITED use of SalesDNA Tests!

Transform Your Sales Team with Sales Hiring Optimization

Invest in the future success of your sales team with our Sales Hiring Optimization program. With our hands-on DIY approach, you’ll have the support and resources needed to build a high-performance sales team that drives consistent results. Start optimizing your sales hiring today and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Business Stats

The Proof is in the Numbers

High Cost of a Bad Hire

The average cost of a bad sales hire is over $1m in lost revenue, negative brand implications, training, and replacement fees.

Sales Turnover Woes

Bad hires ramp slower, generate significantly less revenue and turnover at much higher rates. 

The Power of Top Performers

Top-performing salespeople generate up to 4 times more revenue than average performers

Real Customers, Real Results

Hear from Managers Who Transformed Their Teams

“We knew we wanted somebody who spoke the truth to sales and could help our CEOs generate more sales, there was only one person to call and it was Steve Heroux. He is a world-class salesman and a world-class sales trainer.”

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Ready to Transform Your Hiring Process and Build a High-Performing Sales Team?

Discover the Power of Sales Hiring Optimization Today

Unlock your sales team’s full potential by selecting the right candidates from the start. With expert guidance, proven techniques, and data-driven insights, you’ll be equipped to make informed hiring decisions that set your team up for success. Embrace the Sales Hiring Optimization program today and create a winning sales team with The Sales Collective.


The DIY option provides you with comprehensive training on how to optimize your sales hiring process, with six Zoom training sessions, recordings, and slide decks for future reference. It includes unlimited use of SalesDNATests. The Full-Service Sales Recruiting option, in addition to the DIY features, offers complete management of the hiring process through our partnership with a world-class agency, including job postings, applicant tracking, candidate screening, and more. We deliver a minimum of three high-quality, vetted, and Sales DNA-approved candidates for your consideration.

The program duration depends on your hiring needs. For one hire, the engagement is six months, and for two or more hires, the engagement is twelve months.

The Sales Candidate DNA Test is a customizable assessment that helps identify candidates with the right skills and traits for your specific sales role. The test enables you to evaluate applicants without relying solely on their resumes, ensuring a more accurate and efficient hiring process.

The Sales Hiring Optimization program provides flexibility, with unlimited use of SalesDNA Tests included. This allows you to continue refining and improving your hiring process as you grow your team.

Both DIY and Full-Service Sales Recruiting options offer extensive support throughout the engagement. You’ll receive training, guidance, and assistance in implementing best practices for sales hiring, as well as access to SalesDNA Tests and other resources to help you make informed decisions in building your sales team.

The Sales Hiring Optimization program is designed to be flexible and adaptable for a wide range of industries and sales roles. Our customizable Sales Candidate DNA Test and tailored approach ensure that your unique needs are met, regardless of your specific market or sales team structure.

We partner with a world-class agency to manage the entire recruiting process. Candidates undergo a thorough screening, including SalesDNATests, resume reviews, and interviews. We then deliver a minimum of three high-quality, vetted, and Sales DNA-approved candidates for your consideration.

Yes, the program includes a free SalesDNATest and Video Module for 30 days, giving you an opportunity to experience the benefits of these tools firsthand.

Our program trains you on how to prevent interview biases and utilize proper hiring techniques, such as asking relevant and appropriate questions, implementing an effective three-interview process, and assessing candidates based on their SalesDNATest results rather than just their resumes.

While the primary focus of the program is on optimizing the hiring process, the insights gained from the Sales Candidate DNA Test and our training can also be valuable in understanding and addressing the needs of your sales team members. This can lead to improved retention and performance by ensuring you have the right people in the right roles and a strong foundation for ongoing success.