Sales Hiring Optimization

Are you having trouble hiring great salespeople? Study after study shows that hiring for sales is the 2nd or 3rd toughest position to hire for in a company. Organizations around the world have been struggling with this for years, and with the marketplace where it is today, if you can’t win the war for top talent, you’re in trouble. Every client we have wants to increase sales and they always seem to think it comes down to motivating their salespeople to do better. I’m here to tell you, that’s not going to work. As the great Jim Rohn once said, “You don’t send your ducks to eagle school.” You don’t train salespeople to be good; you find ‘em good, get it?

Option #1: Do It Yourself (DIY)

Sales Hiring Optimization (DIY) consists of SIX (6) Zoom training sessions with our clients to ensure they maximize the opportunity to hire correctly.

Our training includes the following:

  • How to hire slowly and carefully, and fire quickly and swiftly.
  • How to write the proper job ad to increase responses and attract better candidates.
  • How to customize our Sales Candidate DNA Test for your exact sales role.
  • How to produce an engaging welcome video to engage quality applicants.
  • How to evaluate quality candidates without ever having to review a resume!
  • How to deliver the perfect 10-minute phone screening.
  • How to communicate effectively with applicants both pre-and-post interview.
  • How to mitigate interview biases in the hiring process.
  • How to ask correct and appropriate interview questions.
  • How to craft and deliver a fool-proof and effective three-interview process.
  • How to prevent a million-dollar hiring mistake.

Option #2: Full-Service Sales Recruiting

We do the heavy lifting, and we handle all the up-front work, including reviewing Sales Candidate DNA Tests, reviewing resumes, conducting phone screenings, and doing first interviews, and we’ll submit three qualified candidates to our client for them to select from.

Our Process Includes:

  • How to hire slowly and carefully, and fire quickly and swiftly.
  • Writing a compelling job description to attract better candidates.
  • Creating a customized Sales Candidate DNA Test for your exact sales role.
  • Coaching you to produce an engaging welcome video to engage quality applicants.
  • Managing all job board posting, responses, and correspondence.
  • Conducting all resume reviews and leading the entire screening process.
  • Communicating effectively with applicants both pre-and-post interview.
  • Full access to a candidate dashboard for all candidate information.
  • Teaching and assisting you with implementing our three-interview process.
  • Mitigating interview bias during the hiring process.
  • You own the resume of every candidate; they are not shared with other clients.
  • We represent only your company when screening/interviewing every candidate. 
  • We’ll deliver a minimum of three (3) high-quality, vetted, and Sales DNA approved candidates for your consideration.

The average company hires top-performing salespeople only 23% of the time! And to make things even worse, do you know that the average bad sales hire will cost a company $1.3M dollars? But if it’s so costly, why do companies keep making the same mistakes? 

Because they use the wrong assessments, they ask the wrong questions, they rely on resumes, and they hire based on who they like! What if I told you instead of a 23% success rate, you could have a 92% success rate? Well, you can. Our Sales Hiring Optimization Process gets sales hiring right nine out of ten times. The tool we use, called the Sales DNA Test, has data from more than two million salespeople, in 35,000 companies, over the past 30+ years, and we measure 21 specific core competencies that make up top-performing sales professionals.

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Our program includes the following:

If you’d like more information about how to effectively hire the right sales talent without relying on luck, hope, and chance, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

"We suck at interviewing people. Our track record wasn’t great and >50% of the time we were hiring bad salespeople. Since we started using The Sales DNA Test, we are at 100%. It helped us with interviewing strategy, job posting, but the Sales DNA Test was the X-Factor. Our HR team loves Sales DNA because they get so many less resumes they have to waste time on, and no longer have to guess who’s “interviewing” honestly. We’re getting solid salespeople, bringing in revenue and profit much quicker!" Trey Fly, Joe Fly, Co

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