Blog October 4, 2022

Irving, TX., October 4, 2022 – Victory Selling announced today, that as part of a strategic global realignment of their company and commitment to excellence, they have officially changed their name to The Sales Collective. Victory Selling was originally launched as a result of the 2020 pandemic when face-to-face selling was replaced by remote work, which in turn, changed the landscape of professional sales forever. 

After working diligently to reimagine new ways to deliver the most value to their clients, the team realized that sales training was only the first layer of challenges most companies face with sales operations. “As our relationships grew, our clients became more like our partners. We then discovered the need for more expert-level advice and a deeper analysis of sales processes and hiring systems,” said Steve Heroux, Founder and CEO of The Sales Collective.

Their strategic realignment comes as a result of their frustration with how people are being taught how to sell in today’s marketplace. According to Matt Smyth, President of The Sales Collective, “We recognized the need to focus on relationships and get rid of the magic scripting, get-rich-quick promises, and unrealistic expectations.”

The official name change to The Sales Collective, in September of 2022, is a key part of their mission to stop the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all sales training being offered today. The Sales Collective is a true cooperative of industry experts and forward-thinking leaders that have been assembled into a master team to better serve companies whose leaders have enough self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and vulnerability to acknowledge they don’t know everything.

Their goal is to be the preeminent sales organization in the world, offering expert-level and customized sales process building, sales coaching, sales training, and sales hiring services.

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About The Sales Collective
The Sales Collective is pioneering a new frontier in partnered selling and sales growth. Their customers & clients range from individuals who would like to improve their effectiveness and become true sales professionals to large corporations who would like to revamp, revitalize, or reimagine their entire sales operation from top to bottom. Capability, Coaching, and Continuation are the cornerstones of their process, and they help to reshape the way you think about selling in today’s marketplace. Visit us at: