Portland, OR, USA

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About Me

Nationally and internationally recognized leadership development coach and conflict management maven skillfully instill upper and middle management leaders to step into their unique leadership roles and reclaim disenchanted teams and workplaces.

She brings to the table her extensive experience in professional consulting, executive leadership coaching, executive coach-coaching, leadership training, conflict facilitation, Everything DiSC® assessments and public speaking training and coaching.

She has been successfully coaching and training high-profile leaders for over 18-years.

How I Have Helped Businesses

Unparalleled leadership development coach with 20+ years of experience resolving organizational and team conflicts.

Consistent results in consulting and coaching leaders to manage easily triggered individuals and problematic groups.

Proficient in conducting successful organizational conflict interventions,
individual, interpersonal conflict, and group dynamics assessments – with solutions.

Instrumental at helping companies to get their employees to solve their own problems and masterfully coaches employees and management to get along.

Expert communicator; authentic, observant, intuitive, articulate, and specializing in difficult personalities resulting in more peace and harmony in the workplace.

Conflict Resolution Specialist using:
• Leadership Development
• All-Level Management Coaching
• Mediation for Business Partners &Teams
• Emotional Intelligence Shaping
• Interpersonal Skills Development
• Team Building & Group Dynamics
• DiSC® assessments
• Interpersonal Communication
• Management of Passive-Aggressive Behavior
• Active Listening
• Coach Development

Super Power

Mastering mindset, boundary setting, advancing communication, resolving conflict, people reading, dynamic public speaking, and in raising her client's life quality both at work and home. It is truly transformational to experience her ability in instantly shifting success-blocking belief systems. These impressive gifts and talents make her a savvy catalyst for positive change.


•One of a few triple-certified “Extraordinary Coaches” on the planet
•6 Master Trainer-of-Trainer certifications
•Serenity Process Master
•Instant Transformation Technique Practitioner
•Certified Instant Miracle Technique Trainer
•20+ years of facilitation certifications, facilitation training, and public speaking experience
•40 hours of Mediation training

Company Size Experience

Less than 100 (Startups)
10,000+ (Global Enterprise)

Industry Experience

Banking and Finance

Sales Certifications

Certified Leadership Coach or LDP Training


  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching

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