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About Me

I’m a salesleader, trainer and consultant that specializes in top of funnel and discovery execution. I’ve spent the last ten years as a full cycle rep before implementing my methods with several startups from seed to series F to drive and move top of funnel revenue.

How I Have Helped Businesses

The past three organizations I have worked at saw from 67% to 452% increase in outbound new business pipeline YOY. Implementing my StaaS (sales training as a service) model at several clients over the past two years has brought repeatable success where little to no pipeline development existed prior. Ex: client went from 3 outbound meetings per month to 30 per month in under 6 months.

Super Power

Working with the Gap Selling team to expand upon and build out the problem-centric prospecting method allows me to make immediate changes in the way people think about the top of the funnel and how to nail your messaging. I teach teams how to develop their business acumen and sell change management, not products. This is done through a combination of problem-centric prospecting, and intuitive discovery execution training to ensure from lead through discovery and demo, your employees are actively engaged to diagnose and solve problems for your clients.


Trained under Keenan and sold training and consulting for ASG as well as challenger and Spin selling methods respectively.

Company Size Experience

100-500 (SMB)
500-1,000 (Mid-Market)
1,000-10,000 (Enterprise)
10,000+ (Global Enterprise)

Industry Experience

Banking and Finance

Sales Certifications

GAP Selling


  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Outbound Prospecting

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