Motivation April 2, 2020

When you really think about it, should what’s happening in the world today affect your drive, determination, or motivation?

Should you let Coronavirus steal your enthusiasm, your dedication or your effort?

Of course not!!

When you give up control of your life to another entity, you’ve already lost.

That entity comes in many shapes and sizes, not just microscopic viruses.

You can’t let the silent detractors steal your passion for success, no matter what the situation or whom the “virus” really is.

How many of you have been told, “you’ll never make it?”  I certainly have.

How many of your parents told you “you’re crazy” for pursing your dreams?

How many of your loved ones told you, “that’s never going to work” when you shared your idea?

I don’t care who the naysayers are, whether they’re in human form or molecular form, you need to have a raging passion to accomplish your goals.  Plain and simple.

Walt Disney was told he lacked creativity.  Milton Hershey started (and failed) with three candy companies before Hershey.  Bill Gates watched his first company crumble, before he started Microsoft.

Many people have faced adversity in their lives and decided to overcome them, leave them in the rear-view mirror, and pursue greatness.

The second you start to buy into the fear, panic, and anxiety is the second they start to win.

Are you going to let them win?

If you were lost in the wilderness, would you just give up and let yourself die?  Hell no!!

You would do whatever it takes to survive.  You’d eat bugs, try to create fire, build shelter out of branches, etc.  You’d fight to stay alive; you’d forego food and water for days because your raging passion is to make it home to your family.

That’s what you have to do now for your business. Always remember that diamonds are formed under immense pressure.  But also remember that glass cracks under pressure.

Do you want to come out on the other side of this thing like a beautifully formed, flawless, valuable diamond?

Or do you want to come out on the other side of this thing like a shattered, broken, worthless dinner plate?

It’s your choice.

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